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Malicious codes in third-party screens can make you vulnerable to attacks

Malicious codes in third-party screens can make you vulnerable to attacks 

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A university in Israel has shown that it’s possible to impersonate a user by tracking touch movements on smartphones with compromised third-party touchscreens. Some of these third-party screens have malicious code embedded in them.

Whether you’re sending emails, doing a financial transaction or even playing games, the codes are capturing the touches that can be used against you.

The research pointed out that “if an attacker can understand the context of certain events, he can use the information to create a more effective customized attack.”

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung has launched its latest Family Hub refrigerator that integrates with its voice assistant – Bixby.

The Family Hub uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which is big for Samsung.

This new Family Hub refrigerator which is available in Singapore, comes with a food management service feature that helps manage the expiry date of groceries through voice and provides optimum recipes. It also provides personal weather and schedule-related information to family members using consumer recognition service.

It also functions as a family communication platform where family members can share event information, photos, and memos.

Google Pay

Earlier this year, Google has brought its two existing online payment and transaction services, Google Pay Send and Google Wallet, under a single platform called Google Pay, and to make it even stronger, Google has been adding dynamic features with a series of new updates.

By sending or requesting money through Google Pay Send, users can now do so directly from the Google Pay app, which is a fairly simple process.

Google Pay can also store mobile tickets and boarding pass purchased on a new tab called Passes, which will also store gift cards.

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