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Little business, big data

Little business, big data 

Today, electronics giant Samsung introduced the PM863 and SM663. The new lineup credits its performance to V-NAND, Samsung’s exclusive flash memory technology. Now, the devices can provide greater density and performance than traditional storage methods.

While doing away with hard drives seems to be an obvious course of action, picking the right SSD is a little more complicated.

The PM863 is 3-bit, making it ideal for content delivery networks, streaming, Web severs or other mixed pattern applications. Available in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 1.9TB and 3.8TB variations, the PM863 can read speeds upwards of 540 MB/s and 99,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS).

The 2-bit SM863 offers similar speeds and is provides capacities between 120GB and 1.9 TB. With high write speeds and even higher read speeds, it can cover all your online transaction processing and server needs.

Regardless of which model best suits your company, the wait shouldn’t be too long. Both devices have an early August 2015 release date. 

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