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LG meets with tech leaders at virtual CES to discuss the significance of open innovation

LG meets with tech leaders at virtual CES to discuss the significance of open innovation 

Dr. I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics (LG) took to the virtual stage at the all-digital CES 2021 to share the company’s inspiring vision for open innovation in the era of social distancing.

Dr. Park has highlighted a lot of LG’s innovative products like the 

LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier and the LG Smart Thermal Camera, which helps customers in their well-being and safety with the onset of the pandemic. In line with this, the brand is also adapting its CLOi robots to be used in various environments and tasks such as disinfecting high-traffic areas as well as commercial spaces.

LG has since then brought about a lot of groundbreaking outputs, where the LG Innovation Council is seen as a prime example. This group is composed of experts from a large range of tech sector companies who come together to learn, cooperate, discover new opportunities, and find new ways to improve people’s lives.

With initiatives such as these, LG continues to provide a basis for everything they are working towards, most especially under the LG ThinQ brand which includes the company’s AI and IoT- run devices. Dr. Park continues to talk about the plans of LG to put forward an ecosystem by connecting all of their products and services across all categories to provide a one-of-a-kind experience and convenience to all LG users.

“It’s not just about individual appliances and devices that have AI capacity and connectivity, it’s more about building an ecosystem where LG and partners work together to expand, enhance and enrich what we offer to those we serve,” said Dr. Park.

Lastly, the discussion also centered on the company’s vision to create a connected user experience extending to a consumer’s entire lifestyle. Together with Dmitry Loschinin, executive vice president of DXC Technology and president and CEO of Luxoft, Dr. Park unveiled LG and DXC Luxoft’s new joint venture named Alluto. This product will reimagine the automotive experience, leveraging on LG’s webOS Auto to seamlessly connect car to home and office. To further showcase the potential of webOS, Dr. Park also presented a new smart cabin concept which will be utilized to have a more immersive and interactive passenger experience, as well as the possibility of a cloud-based mobility ecosystem which can be used in commercial and public spaces, including an intelligent fleet management for smart cities.

“We come back to the importance of working together across industries because building and expanding this kind of ecosystem is absolutely a multidisciplinary effort,” emphasized Dr. Park. “It’s all about teamwork, collaboration and partnership when it comes to innovation for a better life in the age of digital transformation.”

The LG Future Talk and all of LG’s latest innovations can be viewed at the company’s virtual CES 2021 exhibition.

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