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Learning how the new generation creates

Learning how the new generation creates 

But as the creative torch is passed from one generation to the next, a new catalogue will be created using new approaches, different perspectives and taking advantage of new mediums.

In order to see how this new, technologically-rich generation might utilize all of these new mediums, Adobe has launched a series of research project into the creative economy to analyze the pulse of creativity and industry trends from around the globe.

To accomplish this, Adobe used data points and findings from the public projects of nearly 5 million profiles on Behance, which hosts people’s online portfolios. This research focused on “New Creatives,” or 18-to-22-year-olds, who are paving innovative career paths.

The study found that the second-screen experience has become more tightly integrated than ever before into this generation’s workflow. The work of the incoming cohort of creatives shows how mobile and on-the-go devices are enabling them to push the envelope wherever their inspiration strikes and create on their own terms.

In fact, with a 36 per cent increase in mobile Behance logins in the last year, these new creatives are more than twice as likely to be engaged in mobile design work than the total population. Typical new project work on mobile for this age group includes branding, typography and comics.

Perhaps even more interesting than how and what this new generation is creating, is where they are creating it. Adobe is seeing new geographic hotbeds of ideation and project creation, beyond the urban staples of Brooklyn, Hamburg, London and San Francisco. In fact, the creatives of today are most heavily concentrated in Brazil, China, the UK, India, Mexico, Russia and Canada.

It would seem that this new generation will be uprooting the previous one. They are not only using new mediums and technology, but they are dispensing of the artistic capitals that have been creative hotbeds for hundreds of years.

All that is left now is to see what this generation can actually produce. Is there a Shakespeare, Warhol or a 2Pac among them? Or will all these kids, working tirelessly in every corner of the world, never actually take the creative torch and run with it.

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