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Leaning towards developers

Leaning towards developers 

At HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas, HP introduced LeanFT, a functional test automation system which is designed to expedite the delivery of applications. It enables developers to craft secure, high-quality apps, achieve quicker time-to-market launches, along with a heightened sense of predictability and operational cost savings.

“LeanFT is a solution for test automation that is built specifically for continuous integration and testing,” explained Clinton Sprauve, worldwide product marketing manager, ADM for HP Software. “It’s a lightweight solution that’s focused more towards the persona of the dev tester or technical test automation engineer that works with dev ops and agile development teams.”

Chief among the advantages LeanFT brings to the marketplace is the fact that in can be deployed and utilized within a variety of development platforms and environments.

“One of the key advantages of LeanFT is that it works in a lot of the (prominent) dev environments,” said Sprauve. “For example, you will be able to develop your test within Visual Studio using C#, or within Eclipse using Java as the primary scripting language.”

LeanFT is also compatible with open-sourced platforms, and “supports methodology such as test-driven frameworks and behaviour-driven development,” Sprauve added.

The launch of this product comes at a crucial time within the development industry, as an increasing number of businesses are relying on dev ops within the cloud and mobility spaces.

“It’s (the right time) because there has been a heavy push towards dev ops in cloud and mobility and the proliferation of different devices and platforms which we have to test for,” said Sprauve.

The product also seeks to empower developers, allowing them to put their creativity on display as they develop and run tests for applications. Although the process is sometimes laden with maintainability obstacles, LeanFT helps to resolve those issues by helping developers maintain pace in a fast-moving atmosphere. This, in turn, allows them to devote time to other elements of testing.

“What (developers) are doing now is focusing less on the maintainability of the test,” Sprauve said. “One of the main problems with test automation becomes a bottleneck because they’re not able to maintain their test. Now that they’re working in fast-paced environments, they’re able to get more done and focus on other areas of implementing test automation, such as performance and security.”

Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to reduce operational costs without sacrificing the quality of their offerings. LeanFT provides them with cost savings through earlier testing, which allows defects to be weeded out and for other issues to be resolved quicker.

“The way that it helps reduce costs is through testing earlier in the lifecycle,” said Sprauve. “It’s proven that the earlier that you find a defect, the less cost factor will be if it’s found during production. By enabling teams to not only create and maintain tests, but find those defects as early as possible, it will really help them to reduce their costs. This is where test automation will be a plus.”

Slated for a July release, existing customers of HP’s Unified Functional Testing platform will receive LeanFT for free. A standalone version of LeanFT will also be offered at a discounted price for members of smaller development teams.

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