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Desktops popular with Canadian 18-24 year olds, says NPD Group

Desktops popular with Canadian 18-24 year olds, says NPD Group 

A recent study from the market research firm NPD Group entitled “Battle of the Screens” shows that Canadian 18-24 year olds show a surprising preference for desktops. Darrel Ryce, director of technology and entertainment, the NPD Group, shared his insights into the implications of this study.

According to the company’s studies, desktops are not going gently into that good night any time soon. “We have found through several different research initiatives that the Desktop remains a key PC device in households,” Ryce stated. The demise of the desktop will not be taking place in 2014, either. “In 2014 we would anticipate that desktop sales will remain solid, boosted by XP no longer being supported, this is leading consumers and businesses to replace their existing desktop and many are replacing with another desktop,” he remarked.

Why does the desktop continue to be popular among Canadian 18 to 24 year olds? Ryce explained that desktops are the form factor of choice for this goup’s favourite web-based activities. These activities include gaming, listening to music and watching videos.

Ryce believes that today’s 18 to 24 year olds will not necessarily outgrow gaming and abandon their desktops as a result. “We would expect that this demographic will continue to game as they become older however the type of gaming is probably going to shift more towards casual gaming activity, like we currently see with some older demographics,” he commented. “As their lives become busier we would also expect that their mobile gaming will increase as they will have less time to spend gaming at home but will still have a need and desire to game. I would fully expect that in the future they will continue to own and use a desktop, however at the same time their use of the desktop will more than likely shift towards less gaming and other activities.”

The NPD Group analyst predicts that desktops will remain a fixture in Canadian homes for the foreseeable future. “At the moment there is no research that speaks to a market that will go away, at least here in Canada,” Ryce remarked. “Already in 2014 we are seeing growth in desktop sales at retail with unit sales the past 3 months up 9%. Yes the market is not the size that it once was; however, with sales showing growth in 2014 and almost 75% of Canadian households owning a desktop, I think it would be very difficult to have consumers abandon this PC device.”

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