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Kroll Ontrack performs data recovery with helium-filled hard drives

Kroll Ontrack performs data recovery with helium-filled hard drives 

Working alongside Kroll Ontrack’s R&D team, engineers created simulated data loss scenarios across several drives in order to develop a recovery strategy before customer demand increased.

“With any new technology, we have to determine the implications to the data recovery process,” Paul Le Messurier, program and operations manager for Kroll Ontrack said in a press release. “Upon learning of these drives, there was concern that operating an open helium-filled drive in a cleanroom environment could dramatically increase the risk of a head crash and/or make the heads inoperable due to changes in fly height, which in turn would make data recovery much more challenging. Our extensive R&D department comprised of engineers from our more than 20 global locations worked to develop the best approach to deal with this unique scenario, and with confidence, we can say that there is no concern about the data recovery plausibility from helium-filled drives. As they become more popular, we are at the ready.”

Unlike traditional data storage units, helium-filled drives run with less friction, which results in reduced power consumption and cooler operating temperatures. The helium-filled drives also allow for tighter placement of head and platter spacing, which increases the data capacity within a 3.5 inch enclosure.

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