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Kount releases anti-fraud service for online payment processors

Kount releases anti-fraud service for online payment processors 

The company’s new Kount Central service is engineered to provide support for various online payment providers, acquirers, hosted payment pages and payment gateways. The software will also enable merchants to manage and significantly reduce the effects of fraud on their online businesses and prevent the occurrence of further issues.

“Kount has years of experience helping online merchants around the world reduce fraudulent transactions,” Brad Wiskirchen, CEO of Kount said in a press release. “With the launch of Kount Central, we’re providing our industry-leading protection to stop fraud at the ‘choke point,’ moving up the payments ecosystem to the payments processor. Now processors can provide added value with proven services that will enable their merchants to increase sales without the fraud risk associated with online payments.”

Kount Central will provide e-merchants with three services to combat fraud. Kount Central Enterprise enables sellers to add value to their businesses and retain key customers. The Fraud Manager gives processors the ability to design a dashboard interface tailored to their individual needs and manage risk, without the use of an IT manager. Processors can use the Central Portfolio Manager to protect their transactions and determine where risk lies within their client base.


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