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Kickstarter acquires Canadian firm Huzza, opens Vancouver office

Kickstarter acquires Canadian firm Huzza, opens Vancouver office 

In November, the two companies collaborated on a project called Kickstarter Live – a live streaming feature which provides real-time feedback to video creators from their watchers.

“In the few months since introducing it, hundreds of creators have invited tens of thousands of new fans to tune in to live broadcasts — from intimate musical performances, and live product demos, to instructional gameplay tutorials, and private dance rehearsals,” according to a blog by Kickstarter user Bridget Best.

320 Huzza founders

The feature allows artists to become close with their audience and enable creators to obtain greater support for the ideas they are developing. According to Kickstarter, an average video watcher spends more than 16 minutes per stream when engaging with the material’s creator. These creators obtain a 74 per cent success rate- more than double the site-wide average.

Vancouver entrepreneurs Justin Womersley and Nick Smit founded Huzza in 2015. Their original idea was to bring together musicians and the fans closer with the use of live video. Their idea resonated with their target audience and Huzza became a hit.

Huzza is just Kickstarter’s second acquisition.

In March last year, the company snapped up Drip, a service which allows musicians to engage with their fans.

Womersley and Smit will now be joining their staff in focusing on running Live and opening Kickstarter’s Vancouver operations.

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