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Keys to the Vault

Keys to the Vault 

Microsoft’s new Azure Key Vault is designed to help enterprises keep this data properly secured by using cloud-based Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). The system is simple to configure, and does not require any deployment.

“Azure Key Vault helps customers safeguard and control keys and secrets using HSMs in the cloud, with ease and at cloud-scale,” said Corey Sanders, director of program management for Microsoft Azure.

“Key Vault can be configured in minutes, without the need to deploy, wait for, or manage an HSM and has a single programming model across HSM-protected and software-protected keys,” Sanders added. “The service scales to meet your needs, and is available in multiple regions to enable application redundancy.”

The product provides businesses with enhanced data protection and compliance through its ability to safely store multiple control keys and passwords through FIPS 140-2 level 2 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certification.

Key Vault also allows users to easily provision new keys and vaults as well as control access to encrypted data through a central location. Additionally, it helps to enhance the performance of the cloud by scaling with the demand of the cloud system and providing HSM-protected key management.

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