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iSIGN nets 7-year partner network agreement

iSIGN nets 7-year partner network agreement 

iSIGN is a data and Software as a Service company based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Its new partner agreement signifies the company’s expansion into Asia. Under the deal, iSIGN also grants SST data sales and reseller status in the United States, in tandem with GraphicMedia – iSIGN’s master distributor in North and South America.

Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s CEO, commented: “In addition to working with SST on data sales, we have finalized the Partner Network Agreement with SST and believe this will introduce and launch our data and technology throughout Asia and eventually Europe. We expect this Agreement will be very mutually beneficial to iSIGN and SST, as it will provide access to an extremely large market.”

In addition to the reseller partnership, iSIGN made another announcement yesterday. As previously agreed with SST, iSIGN will now start to deliver data to its data partner Newcomp Analytics for analysis and evaluation purposes.

iSIGN’s data is considered to be ‘clean data,’ meaning that while the company collects information including shopper product, brand and offer preferences as well as final purchases, no personal customer information is gathered that could identify individual shoppers in any way.

Since 2007, iSIGN has been developing multi-platform advertising and marketing solutions to help businesses attract and retain customers through their mobile devices. Its partners include IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Verizon Wireless, TELUS and AOpen America Inc., with distribution by GraphicMedia and BlueStar.


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