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Is your workplace ready for millennials?

Is your workplace ready for millennials? 

Millennials are the first generation that has grown up their entire lives with mobile technology and been connected to the Internet. They have gone to school with a focus on collaboration, problem-solving, all while using multiple forms of technology. What’s more, millennials are looking for that always-on connected experience in their workplace too. They want the ability to deliver great results, feel connected to the workplace from wherever they need to be, and they want a work environment that encourages this.

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We’re actually seeing this generation shape business collaboration because of their natural affinity for collaborating and staying connected.

Matthew Leppanen

This is a great opportunity for businesses across Canada to take a look at how technology is supporting their employees. The challenge – and this is something I’ve raised before – is that many businesses are not delivering what employees are looking for. And there are two big risks that may impact the life of a business:

  1. Attracting young, top talent: Businesses that don’t adapt and appeal to millennials will find it hard to hire the best and brightest. This is always important for staying competitive.
  2. Keeping young, top talent: It costs a lot of money to hire and then train an employee, so businesses should prioritize retention. If employees don’t feel they are set up to succeed or the work environment and its policies are out of date, they’ll likely look at an organization that better meets their needs – hopefully, it’s not your competition!

Businesses want the best employees, they want them to be engaged, and they want them to stay! Here’s how they can be millennial ready:

Giving millennials (and everyone else) what they want

It’s worth pointing out here that while millennials are the driving force behind this change, all employees now have the same expectations around wanting to work where and how they need to. So it’s about giving the entire workforce choice. People don’t want to be forced down a particular path regardless of demographic, they want the choice to select the things that help them work better and deliver the best results.

This means creating different workspaces that accommodate different needs from open planning to quick cubicles, as well as giving the right tools and technology that allow people to work in the office, on the road, or from home without complication.

Employees today want the ability to work where and how they need to. Yes, this is being largely driven by a single cohort of the workforce but it is not unique to millennials. Businesses of all sizes need to think about the technology they are providing and how it works together to cater to their workforce – this will be hugely valuable for attracting and retaining top talent. I’d leave you with this: Every worker is looking to use technology in a way that suits them best. Is your business ready?

Matthew Leppanen leads product management for Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions at Rogers.

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