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Is your phone spying on you?

Is your phone spying on you? 

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Some of the things you can do to break the habit of sitting in front of your TV after a long day at work:

Read a book, Exercise, Listen to a Podcast, Spend time with a friend, Play with your kids or pets, Meet a friend for dinner or a drink, Cook or bake, Clean your living space, Go for a walk or run.

Skimming your financial information

Police in Pennsylvania have spotted a group of thieves who are placing completely camouflaged skimmers on top of credit card terminals in Aldi stores. The skimmers, look exactly like the original credit card terminals but instead it would store debit card numbers and PINs of shoppers.

Your phone is spying on you

U.S. military officials were recently caught off guard by revelations that service members’ digital fitness trackers were storing the locations of their workouts-including at or near military bases and clandestine sites around the world. But this threat is not limited to Fitbits and similar devices.

Most people expect that turning their phone’s location services off disables this sort of mobile surveillance – a phone can listen in on a user’s finger-typing to discover a secret password-and how simply carrying a phone in your pocket can tell data companies where you are and where you’re going.

Mobile phones have so many sensors. Apps can access most of these sensors without asking for permission from the user.

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