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IoT open interoperability on horizon

IoT open interoperability on horizon 

OIC is a non-profit corporation. OIC’s focus is on a communications framework based on industrial technologies standard for wireless connection and management for emerging IoT devices of any source.

The founding companies will provide their technology resources to implement a protocol specification and a certification program. This program will be compatible across various operating systems utilizing existing and upcoming wireless standards.

“In the Internet of Things era, everything – from PCs, smartphones and tablets to home and industrial appliances and new wearable form factors – should effortlessly connect and communicate with each other, regardless of who makes the device,” stated Jong-deok Choi, executive VP and deputy head of Software R&D Center at Samsung Electronics, in a press release. “We invite other industry leaders, whatever their background and vertical specialism, to join us in defining and embracing a common communications framework for the Internet of Things.”

Industry heads from a variety of industries will take part in this program in order to develop devices that will exchange information under changing conditions, power and bandwidth, management and product reliability, and even without an Internet connection.

OIC’s first open source code will be created for smart home and office solutions, like simplifying control of smart home or corporate appliances using smartphones and PCs. This includes specifications on how to remotely control of household systems to save energy.

This consortium is expected to benefit the business world as well. Employees and visiting suppliers can securely interact with screens in a meeting room. More corporations, brand manufacturers, and service providers are expected to join OIC in the near future.

“The explosion of the Internet of Things is a transformation that will have a major impact on our power to do more through technology,” added Glen Robson, VP and CTO for Client Solutions at Dell, in a press release. “Having a connectivity framework that is open, secure and manageable is critical to delivering the foundational elements of that transformation. Consumers and businesses alike will need a strong base upon which to build the vast array of solutions enabled by a global Internet of Things. From our earliest days, Dell has embraced industry standards as a means to bring the best technology solutions to our customers, and the Open Interconnect Consortium is very much aligned with this model.”

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