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IoT is more than just about 50 billion connected devices

IoT is more than just about 50 billion connected devices 

For a time, it certainly made for an attention grabbing headline. However, the real impact of IoT in our lives goes far beyond the numbers.

The image of being swamped by thousands of endpoint devices, each a potential attack vector is probably already sending chills down the spine of a chief security officer or an IT administrator. On the other hand, the same prospect might cause a marketer to salivate.

It’s all about context. And that’s what you’ll find in some of the stories of the latest digital edition of IT in Canada.

We’re looking at how IoT is creating an impact on two industries. Adam Mitchell is president of Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. – a family-run business operating since 1948. In his piece, HOW THE INTERNET OF THINGS IS CHANGING THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY, Adam walks us through some of the ways IoT is transforming a centuries-old industry. Adam discusses how new IoT trends such as usage-based telematics, fitness trackers, and connected home security systems are not only helping insurance companies more accurately predict risks, but are also prompting these businesses to create new services for their customers.

In the article, TORONTO HOSPITAL EYES INDOOR WAYFINDING, IOT WITH 802.11AC WAVE 2 we look at how the Scarborough and Rogue Hospital is employing IoT to overcome the limitations of its legacy network in order to deploy devices and services that would improve the efficiency of its personnel and enhance the digital experience of patients and visitors.

This edition is packed with a wide variety of articles targeted at both decision makers and users for large enterprise and SMB organizations. If you’re in the market for a fast and dependable desktop scanner, Marcello Sukhdeo’s review of Canon’s imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 scanner is well worth a look. Marcello puts the ScanFront 400 through the paces to find out for you if the machine is up to snuff with typical tasks it’s bound to confront in today’s busy connected office.

Mary Ann Yule, president of HP Canada, discusses how our continually evolving mobile culture is transforming the work place. In her piece WHY MOBILE DEVICES IN BUSINESS NEED A REINVENTION, Mary Ann recommends that Canadian businesses revamp their approach to business mobility.

Kevin Craig, managing director of Concur Canada lays out the ways cloud technology can make a significant difference for businesses in the area of expenses and corporate filing. Craig’s article, FOUR BENEFITS OF MANAGING CORPORATE TAXES WITH THE CLOUD, provides some handy advice on how you can use the power of the cloud to make complex corporate tax filing tasks much easier.

And finally, we are excited to announce TechGov. TechGov is a new event that our sister publication Canadian Government Executive is hosting this November. It is designed to showcase the technological advancements being made in our rapidly changing world that our government can adopt to better serve Canadians. Learn more about this event on page 22.


Click on the image above to view this issue, we hope you enjoy it. Have a fantastic summer.


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