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Intuit announces major updates at QuickBooks Connect

Intuit announces major updates at QuickBooks Connect 

Intuit’s updates and enhancements fall under three major themes: simplifying accounting for SMBs, launching a new developer experience and changing the way accountants work with SMB clients.

The company’s major announcement focusing on SMBs was the updates to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is an ecosystem of products and services that aims to make accounting easier for SMBs. The updates include an enhanced mobile experience that allows users to perform activities such as read important reports and accept credit card payments; browse for useful applications in a new app store; utilize a payroll solution that eliminates the need for file importing or double entries; and an accounting solution for the self-employed.

“Our mission is to make accounting seem invisible for small businesses by leveraging the power of the cloud so that the time-intensive work of keeping the books organized happens automatically every time an invoice is sent, a customer makes a payment, or an employee gets paid,” said Dan Wernikoff, SVP and GM, Intuit’s Small Business Group, in a press release. “QuickBooks Online provides a simple, integrated view of how money flows in and out of a business. Instead of spending time trying to reconcile old bills, small business owners can focus on the things that made them passionate about being their own boss in the first place.”

At QuickBooks Connect, Intuit also unveiled the revamped developer program. Previously known as the Intuit Partner Platform, it will now be called Intuit Developer. Intuit has made the following enhancements: a faster app testing experience, seamless cloud integration, new SDKs and simple documentation, a new payment API and the ability to publish an app quickly in the app store.

“We’re focused on delivering an amazing developer experience because we know that the QuickBooks Online platform is only as powerful as the third party apps that connect to it,” said Avi Golan, VP and GM, Intuit Developer Group, in a press release. “The QuickBooks Online platform is already home to leading cloud solutions for small businesses, such as Square, PayPal, and Method:CRM. With this new developer experience, we’re ready to take things to the next level as the global platform of choice for business management solutions.”

Intuit’s third major announcement was directed at accountants. It released updates to QuickBooks Online Accountant. These updates include a customizable dashboard, bookkeeping and payroll detail tabs, an enhanced accountant toolbox, a free subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus with payroll functionality, the integration of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program and better wholesale pricing.

“The biggest moment for accounting professionals in QuickBooks history has arrived,” said Jim McGinnis, VP, Intuit Accountant and Advisor Group, in a press release. “The reimagined QuickBooks Online Accountant is inspired by our accounting partners because they’ve told us it is all about their time. It’s their time to move to the cloud and be recognized as trusted advisors and experts to their small business clients. We’re delighted to provide the solution that gives them valuable time back and bolsters their pride in confidently helping their clients succeed.”

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