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Integrated threat intelligence platform on its way: McAfee

Integrated threat intelligence platform on its way: McAfee 

TIE builds upon the company’s Security Connected Platform, a framework that brings together the many security products and services upon which an enterprise relies. This includes McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence, a product that McAfee says “offers the most comprehensive threat intelligence in the market.”

 “With complex threats attacking businesses every day, our customers need this adaptive threat prevention now,” said Mike Fey, worldwide CTO, McAfee.  “We are making it easier to tie together intelligence and actions so that our customers’ existing products deliver greater protection while simultaneously finding ways to cut operational costs.  We are delivering the technology that others are just starting to think about to harden the platform upon which future security products will depend.”

With TIE, IT professionals can identify threat patterns and establish protection for enterprise data in real-time. As a result, processes that once took weeks or months to accomplish can now be carried out in a matter of milliseconds, according to the company.

SmartListing, one of TIE’s central capabilities, allows for the retrieval of security data from a number of sources, including certificate information, file characteristics, and application behaviours. This in turn enables businesses to instantly freeze and contain any data transmissions deemed unsafe.

Businesses will now be alerted to the presence of advanced attacks as soon as they occur. By sharing contextual information, endpoints will be able to work together to provide businesses with a more complete environmental threat context.

Customers will also benefit from the automation of certain tasks, as it eliminates some of the costs associated with the manual handling of information.

The product is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2014.

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