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Inmarsat launches IsatHub

Inmarsat launches IsatHub 

The IsatHub platform permits users of mobile devices to browse the Internet, access apps, send text messages or talk from anywhere in the world, regardless of their proximity to fixed or mobile networks.

“IsatHub is about carrying your own smart device connectivity with you wherever you go,” Ronald Spithout, president of Inmarsat Enterprise said in a press release. “You could be exploring for oil in the middle of a desert; a journalist tweeting breaking news from a remote island; or simply on holiday hundreds of kilometers from the nearest cellular coverage. For all these situations, you can now be assured of a 3G service for your smartphone or tablet.”

IsatHub is easily accessible through AddValue Technologies’ Wideye iSave terminal and IsatHub’s mobile control app, which is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Devices connect to the terminal using Wi-Fi, and are quickly aligned with the satellite using a ‘pointing assistance’ function in the app.

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