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Infoblox partners with FireEye on joint security solution

Infoblox partners with FireEye on joint security solution 

ATPs use stealth techniques to gain access to a network, and can often work over a long period of time, from weeks to months, without being detected. To combat this, the FireEye NX Series automatically tests suspicious executable files in a secure virtual environment. The files are activated in this safe space, their behavior is observed and any malware is identified. 

FireEye’s technology is combined with Infoblox’ DNS Firewall, which uses a threat information subscription service to stay updated on malware other than APTs. In addition, it uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to block communication to known malicious destinations.

“Infoblox is expanding the concept of defense in depth by bringing FireEye’s APT containment capability to the DNS level,” said Didi Dayton, vice president of worldwide strategic alliances at FireEye. “We know most APTs can’t function without communicating through DNS, so the combination of the FireEye NX Series with the Infoblox DNS Firewall creates a powerful new solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The new firewall-adapter integration takes information on detected APTs from FireEye and feeds that data into the firewall. This offering allows users to automatically detect APTs using FireEye technology and block malware from connecting to its host site using the DNS firewall. In addition, the firewall also pinpoints infected devices, allowing for malware to be quickly removed. 

“As a leader in network automation and control, Infoblox is delighted to partner with a proven innovator such as FireEye,” said Arya Barirani, vice president of product marketing at Infoblox. “This integration significantly enhances our customers’ ability to detect and protect against APTs, and marks an industry first by transforming DNS from a weak point to an essential element in a comprehensive security strategy.”

The Infoblox DNS Firewall – FireEye Adapter and the Infoblox DNS Firewall are available immediately.

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