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iMessages not as private as you think

iMessages not as private as you think 

The contacts you’ve reached via iMessages (now Messages) are logged by Apple, which then can be accessed by the company and law enforcement to see who you’ve texted in the past according to a report from The Intercept.

The report went on to detail what kind of information can be handed over to law enforcement. It can’t give the exact text messages but it provides the phone numbers of those that a user attempted to contact, the time and date of the message and potentially the location through the IP address. This is contrary to a 2013 Apple claim that, “we do not store data related to customers’ location.”

Now the reason for logging this information is that Apple’s servers need to verify if a text sent through Messages is being sent to another Messages device like the iPhone or iPad so as to enable all features of its messaging service. This is what all Apple tablet and phone users are familiar with, the two colours that Messages use, the green and blue.

These logs according to Apple are deleted after 30 days, but if there is any repeated interaction with new members in your contacts list this may refresh the saved information.

Now this disclosure about the logs kept by Apple is worth taking note of especially since the big noise that was made over privacy in the last year regarding the San Bernardino shooting. Apple’s stance of not adhering to the court order to release information on Farook’s iPhone has given the company the reputation of not just a maker of high-end devices, but a major privacy supporter.

But with taking such a public stance, companies like Apple, that we share our privacy with need to be more open as to what information is being logged and what can be given to law enforcement agencies. As customers, that is our right.

Source: The Intercept

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