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Ignite your passion

Ignite your passion 

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered the opening keynote address to some 23,000 attendees in Chicago. He spoke on how Microsoft’s new suite of products and services will enable our business units to use the SAS applications of their choice, yet also be able to have the compliance and control of admissions on the backend. Nadella said they are seeking to manage the “data deluge” that we are going to be faced with in the coming years.

“Just because you have Big Data, doesn’t mean your organization is going to have big insight, but that’s what we are looking to solve,” Nadella noted. “(We want to) move IT from delivering Information Technology in our organizations, to moving and driving the innovation in our organizations. That is the theme of Ignite, and the driver of Microsoft. That is Microsoft, the mobile first, cloud first future.”

In his address, and throughout the conference, Nadella highlighted the focus on three interlocking ambitions to drive their current strategy. These are the three ambitions Microsoft has as a company: the era of “more personal” computing; reuniting the very nature of work, with productivity and business processes coming together, and building the intelligent cloud backend for the world’s applications.

The era of “more personal” computing

The core vision behind more personal computing is the notion that what matters most in our devices is the mobility of the experience across them. We want to make sure that the way the human interaction is done in the most natural of ways, from speech to ink, and from touch to holograms.

By definition, a world of personal computing is dealing with Big Data, and the need to ensure the trust is there, between the user and the organization is always evident.

“Windows 10 is going to revolutionize personal computing alongside dual purpose hardware.” Nadella said. “Perhaps the most fundamental change is how we are looking at the OS. It’s about Windows as a Service.”

Windows Update for business is going to be revolutionized as well.

Reinventing productivity and business processes

This concept is about building for dual use. We know the choices are incredibly important to the user. Microsoft seeks to blur the lines between the Personal use of the software/hardware, as well as Professional use of them.

Everything Microsoft is focusing on will revolve around the mobile experience, with built-in intelligence. All this innovation has to be done in ways that ensure the end users have a seamless experience while providing IT with the control it needs on the backend.

Intelligent cloud

The backend infrastructure is the core of the mobility experience. The innovation in the enterprise cloud mobility suite drives that point. The agility we need to have in the value of new applications is necessary for modern innovation.

Unlocking insights from Big Data is what makes the cloud, the data valuable. It’s also about transforming the datacenter. The ability to drive the changes you make between public and private cloud uses.

The preview release of Windows Server and System Centre 2016 enables private clouds and the Azure Stack to function in your data centre. The operations management suite will be able to have one consistent control plane for disaster recovery, analytics, and the orchestration of all clouds from one plane.

Since security is always top of mind for cloud and mobility, Microsoft is introducing an advanced threat analytics solution which will make it possible for every organization to analyze behaviorally to detect any of these advanced persistent threats, and to isolate them, protecting the system. For example, if one person logs on in St. Louis and logs back off, and then logs in again an hour later from South Korea, the advanced threat analytics solution will prevent the login and prevent access that could result in massive data theft or fraud.

All of the technologies discussed at Microsoft Ignite 2015 were focuses on business transformation. Microsoft and their partners showcased the up-and-coming transformations that will soon change how businesses work, how employees work, and how the massive amounts of data that will be collected through these processes will be store, sliced & diced, and skillfully analyzed both by the data center analyst, as well as by artificial intelligence within the software.

Look for more releases and information in the coming weeks on Microsoft’s new products and vision.

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