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Ifbyphone releases cloud-based IVR system

Ifbyphone releases cloud-based IVR system 

Traditional IVR software been built for developers to use, requiring coding expertise and technical knowledge beyond that of most marketing, sales and support professionals. However, Ifbyphone’s cloud-based IVR solution uses a web-based interface that guides users through the IVR configuration process. Users type in the IVR script into a text field, or they can select question options from a drop-down menu and radio buttons. 

Ifbyphone’s cloud-based IVR solution includes a library of best practice IVR templates to help users get started on the project. Users can also drop and drag questions to change their order. The solution also features expandable and collapsible sections, so if users are finished with a particular section, they can collapse it, or if they want to see more detail, they can expand it.

Should users wish to test the IVR solution, Ifbyphone will call them to play the most recent draft. In addition, Ifbyphone allows users to import IVRs from one account to another, which will benefit businesses that run multiple IVR accounts. Users can also view IVR results in real time or export them to email for easy sharing. Moreover, Ifbyphone’s cloud-based IVR solution comes with an open API that enables IVR data integration with a company’s other applications. Potential customers will also be attracted to the unlimited live telephone support included with the IVR system. The Ifbyphone success team will walk users through any problem they might have during the configuration process.

“Traditionally there has been a disconnect between the people within an organization needing IVR voice dialogs and phone surveys and the people building them,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO, Ifbyphone. “This gap introduces the possibility of lengthy campaign delays as IT takes days, even weeks, to launch or update the IVR system. If an organization is lucky, these delays are merely a source of frustration to marketing, sales and support, but unfortunately they have all too often meant the missing of key deadlines and the loss of revenue and customer loyalty. Ifbyphone’s first-of-its-kind IVR solution has changed all that by making it easy for the people needing an IVR to build it themselves in minutes. If you can send an email using Gmail, you can build and launch an IVR using Ifbyphone.”

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