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IDrive launches new backup service

IDrive launches new backup service 

The new IDrive DataCenter provides data centres and hosting companies with secure cloud backup solutions for Linux servers. It features a web-based GUI which can be optimized for mobile use, allowing users to perform backup, restore and schedule tasks remotely.

“IDrive DataCenter is a big step for us as a company,” Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive, said in a press release. “Traditionally, our focus has been consumers and SMBs, but we received many requests from potential customers needing better, easier ways to backup their Linux servers.”

“Current solutions in the marketplace only offer command-line backup tools,” Kulkarni added. “IDrive DataCenter offers an easy-to-use, browser-based application with a GUI and scalable storage plans enabling businesses to remotely secure an entire data centre’s worth of data at a cost-effective price.”

The IDrive DataCenter also eliminates the need for command line scripting and additional tasks used by other Linux-based backup providers. In addition, it also offers extra protection through a 256-bit AES encryption system with an optional private key.

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