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Ideal Candidate to help sales pros land dream jobs

Ideal Candidate to help sales pros land dream jobs 

The company claims to be on the verge of creating a recruiting revolution through this tool and adds that with this tool, Toronto-based companies can be automatically matched and connected with sakes professionals looking for new job opportunities.

Finding top sales talent has long been a problem because you cannot gauge a salesperson’s skills based on science or data. With sales being one of the vital functions within many businesses, companies are willing up to 20 per cent of an employee’s first-year salary to recruiters.

“Hiring all-star sales talent can be onerous and expensive, but it needs to be taken seriously because these individuals drive business success,” said Somen Mondal, CEO of Ideal Candidate, in a press release. “We believe old recruiting practices of paper resumes and unstructured interviews are a thing of the past and the quick adoption of our online job matching tool is evidence that job seekers and employers alike are embracing big data to make statistically better hiring decisions.”

About Ideal Candidate
The web tool connects job seekers with their ideal job. They build a profile using LinkedIn. Then, Ideal Candidate acts as a matchmaker to find the best company for the candidate. Employers contact job seekers.

The geographical location of the job seeker is also taken into consideration with the tool’s homepage design. The webpage has most of the social media links and if the seeker wants to live chat with an Ideal Candidate host, it’s possible from the homepage.

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