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IDC: External disk storage sales falling worldwide

IDC: External disk storage sales falling worldwide 

According to the results of the study, revenues for external disk storage factories dropped 1.4 per cent to $5.9 billion in 2Q14. During this period, disk storage systems collectively generated nearly $7.8 billion in total revenue.

“High-end storage sales fell for the fourth consecutive quarter in 2Q14,” Eric Sheppard, Research Director for IDC Storage said in a press release. “The high-end decline was not as striking as last quarter but it was coupled with a drop in midrange sales, suggesting weak demand is spreading to other parts of the market. Bright spots within the global storage market include growth from entry level storage and increased sales within EMEA and Latin America.”

Sales of internal storage systems showed a slight uptick within the Asia/Pacific region and various emerging markets, climbing 0.3 per cent. New capacity consumption saw annual growth of 23.9 per cent, which, despite improvements in that sector, was still relatively low historically.

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