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IBM to significantly expand cloud investments

IBM to significantly expand cloud investments 

The company already operates 13 SoftLayer data centres and 12 IBM data centres across the world, but it is looking to open 15 more in the coming year, for a total of 40 data centres.

The data centres are to launch in China, Washington DC, Hong Kong, London, Japan, India, Canada, Mexico City, and Dallas, among others. With this expansion, IBM is looking to have data centres operating in five continents and 15 countries, though it does have plans to expand further to the Middle East and Africa in 2015.

“IBM is continuing to invest in high growth areas,” said Erich Clementi, SVP, IBM Global Technology Services. “Last year, IBM made a big investment adding the $2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer to its existing high value cloud portfolio. Today’s announcement is another major step in driving a global expansion of IBM’s cloud footprint and helping clients drive transformation.”

IBM estimates that the global cloud market will expand to $200 billion by 2020. By opening more data centres across the world, IBM will be able to cater more efficiently to individual clients’ needs; clients will be able to decide which location is most convenient for their data storage needs, and they will also be able to choose how best to secure it.

IBM is also planning to establish SoftLayer as the foundation for its cloud portfolio. The scalability, security, and flexibility of SoftLayer’s infrastructure will assist customers with faster deployment and delivery of their solutions.

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