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IBM to resell Rocket Software’s Servergraph

IBM to resell Rocket Software’s Servergraph 

Servergraph is an enterprise-class storage product that addresses the problem of monitoring backups. The software was designed to enhance timely business decision making for backup administrators, IT managers and CIOs.

“This is another excellent opportunity for us to continue our long-standing work with IBM,” said Brian Starr, Rocket vice president and general manager. “Servergraph is ideal for any size backup environment and for organizations that face problems managing or understanding their backup environment. This is a great fit for both Rocket and IBM, and organizations around the world will benefit from this agreement.”

Rocket Servergraph provides dashboards, rich data visualizations, alerts and graphical reports that transform the way users manage their backup environments. The storage product offers integrated monitoring and reporting support for the data protection environment.

It also has a complete set of reports and dashboards available at the enterprise and server level, for a wide range of supported applications including: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Symantec Netbackup, EMC Avamar, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack, EMC NetWorker and VTL device support for EMC Data Domain, IBM ProtecTIER and Sepaton.

“Rocket Servergraph complements IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center and Cognos reporting capabilities by extending visibility and control across multi-vendor storage environments,” said Ian Smith, director of storage software at IBM. “This is a great example of IBM’s work to build an innovation ecosystem, by providing business partners with access to open technology which they can leverage to address client needs for visibility and simplicity. Servergraph will provide value to clients worldwide looking for heterogeneous environment visualization and assessment.”

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