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IBM testing disaster mitigation solution

IBM testing disaster mitigation solution 

Moving data to safe locations can often take days, but data operators typically only get a few hours’ notice before severe weather events strike. The innovation that IBM and Marist are testing could cut data transfer time from days down to minutes.

“A year ago, Sandy left millions of individuals and businesses in the northeast without electronic communications for days, weeks and even months – in some cases, data centers were literally under water,” said Casimer DeCusatis, IBM Distinguished Engineer. “With our invention, a data center operator could quickly and simply move data and applications to another data center outside the danger zone in minutes — from a remote location using a tablet or smartphone.”

The innovation uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology and is being tested at Marist’s SDN Innovation Lab. It will allow IT professionals to remotely access network resources and make changes to them via a wireless device and an open-source network controller developed by Marist.

The SDN Innovation Lab is also testing a number of other IBM projects, including a “heat map” of activity within a cloud that can predict and prevent congestion; a streaming video invention that can shift one video stream to another to ensure optimal video quality; and an open-source SDN controller that will allow developers to build redundancy, high availability, and automation into cloud networks.

IBM’s disaster prevention innovation is expected to be commercially available in 2014.

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