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IBM study: Failing to plan means planning to fail

IBM study: Failing to plan means planning to fail 

The findings of IBM’s report entitled Continuing the IT Conversation: Why Building a Strong Foundation Requires More Than Technology indicates that more than 70 per cent of enterprises admit that IT infrastructure is important in order to remain competitive and increase profits.

“Today’s IT leaders are responsible for more than overseeing technology breakthroughs, but they are also integral to advising chief executives about the organization’s business strategy,” said Tom Rosamilia, SVP of IBM’s Systems and Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain, in a press release. “With customer experience as a key competitive advantage, never before has the combination and integration of back office and front office strategies been more critical.”

The study gives executable ideas to help enterprises to morph into strong IT giants. A total of 750 top executive personnel shared their views.

According to the results, only 22 per cent of companies are well-defined in terms of IT infrastructure strategy, an indicator that more collaboration is required at the business level.

The study also spotlights how today’s IT infrastructure dialogue is about more than just technology. It also suggests that there is opportunity for new IT conversations to evolve, which requires organizations to not only consider future technologies, but also the current corporate culture that influences administrative decisions.

By collaborating across the ecosystems, IT organizations can boost their business and promote themselves to become trusted IT advisor. Skills and capabilities need to be blended with the right mix to address the ever-changing needs of IT infrastructure.

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