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IBM Security Expert talks about Ransomware attacks

IBM Security Expert talks about Ransomware attacks 


0:58 – The recent ransomware attack on the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center has been in the news of late. Can you share with our listeners a little more of what actually happened?

04:54 – This medical facility decided to pay 40 bitcoins — or about $17,000 — to the cyber criminal to end this attack. As a security expert, do you recommend that organizations take this way out in the event of a ransomware attack?

07:52 – The online currency – Bitcoins is hard to trace and is becoming the preferred way for hackers to collect a ransom. Is there anyway the authorities can trace this?

10:15 – With the attacks continuing to increase, what would you recommend for medical facilities and as a whole organizations here in Canada to: one, stay secure and two, what should they do if they are aware of a ransomware attack on their network?

Hope you find this episode helpful.

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