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IBM launches new and improved services for mobile

IBM launches new and improved services for mobile 

IBM announced this week that it is expanding its MobileFirst portfolio to help its customers tackle some of those challenges.

“The expansion of our mobility services portfolio demonstrates our continued investments in building the full breadth of capabilities clients need to radically transform and grow their business through mobile,” said Rich Esposito, GM, Mobility Services, IBM Global Technology Services. “In 2014, we will further leverage our software acquisitions and growing capabilities in the cloud to provide clients with more flexibility and choices, including ‘mobility as-a-service’ solutions.”

With IBM’s infrastructure consulting services, clients will receive assistance in evaluating their existing mobile infrastructure and building a strategy that will address their individual needs. Additionally, application platform management services will help clients build, configure, and manage their developer communities’ app dev environments.

Device procurement and deployment services simplify the selection of devices and install the client’s tailored platforms, apps, and service components, while managed mobility services gives clients scalable, secure, reliable, and flexible management of mobile infrastructure and wireless endpoints.

Clients can also take advantage of mobile network services, mobile collaboration services, and mobile virtualization services to strengthen all aspects of their mobile infrastructure. Clients will receive a better understanding of the resources needed to deploy a mobile network, so that in the future they will be able to identify new components integral to building a secure mobile enterprise.

Clients will additionally have access to a suite of collaboration solutions, such as email, instant messaging, voice, and video, to keep themselves connected and carry out business transactions from any mobile device. They will also be able to leverage virtualization technology to design and implement distributed end users.

The final service that IBM is introducing is its Smart and Embedded Device Security, which allows device manufacturers to address safety, stability, service cost, and intellectual property protection concerns around devices. This is accomplished using threat modeling, source code analysis, and penetration testing of devices and applications, so that vulnerabilities can be caught and fixed before hackers can gain root access to devices.

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