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IBM introduces new entry to Threat Protection System

IBM introduces new entry to Threat Protection System 

That’s why IBM announced today the Trusteer Apex software, a new entry in its Threat Protection System. Trusteer Apex uses security intelligence and advanced analytics to stop threats at the endpoint, which tend to be the weakest link in the attack chain.

“Through extensive research, IBM has identified specific stages of the attack chain where cyber criminals have relatively few options to execute their malicious content,” said Yaron Dycian, VP, Marketing, Products and Services, Trusteer, an IBM company.  “Current point solutions in the market offer narrow protections against specific attack vectors and create significant workload on overstretched security teams, making it difficult to manage against cyber threats. Our strategic chokepoint technology introduces a fresh approach for breaking the threat lifecycle and preempting cyber attacks.”

The product focuses on strategic choke points, identified by IBM, where cyber criminals are most likely to try to take control of a user’s computer. One such choke point, for example, is Java, which is the target of almost 50 per cent of application vulnerability attacks. Trusteer Apex is capable of stopping attacks that are embedded in Java applications by blocking untrusted applications from carrying out high-risk activities.

The product can also detect malware in phishing emails and stop it from infecting the rest of the endpoint. Furthermore, it blocks employees from using corporate credentials to access untrusted websites; for example, an employee cannot take a password he or she uses to access a corporate site and duplicate it on social media accounts.

The software is supported by IBM’s dynamic intelligence feed, which receives information from more than 100 million protected endpoints and draws from a database of over 70,000 categorized vulnerabilities. Any security updates that come up through IBM’s research are automatically sent to protected endpoints.

Additionally, IBM offers a threat analysis service, which “can help an organization assess suspicious activities and provide protection recommendations.”

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