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IBM consulting practice to help clients connect with their customers

IBM consulting practice to help clients connect with their customers 

The practice integrates the knowledge of user experience experts at IBM Interactive with the data expertise of over 100 researchers from IBM’s Customer Experience Lab.

It will help clients collect large volumes of data on customers’ preferences and attitudes, and then turn that insight into something they can use for making business decisions.

It is also designed to help enterprises catch up with the Big Data explosion.

“We intentionally created this practice inside the broader consulting capability of our newly formed Strategy and Analytics Service Line, because the definition of high-value in business services is evolving across a continuum of experience design, data, and business strategy,” said Paul Papas, Managing Partner, IBM Interactive Experience. “This level of integration anticipates that client agenda and creates the next-generation services organization — the first true digital agency, consultancy, and systems integrator.”

IBM is also releasing new data-driven capabilities for the C-suite, including Life Event Detection, which detects important events in customers’ lives using social media analytics; Behavioural Pricing, which helps retailers design pricing strategies using algorithms that combine consumer response to pricing with historical transaction data; and Psycholinguistic Analytics, which identifies personality traits using the psychology of language and social media data.

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