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IBM celebrates first anniversary of SoftLayer acquisition with more business

IBM celebrates first anniversary of SoftLayer acquisition with more business 

These include $1.2 billion to expand SoftLayer’s global data centre, with facilities in Melbourne, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.; $1 billion to launch a Watson business unit running on SoftLayer; $1 billion to establish the cloud PaaS Bluemix to help developers develop cloud apps on SoftLayer; and the launch of Cloudant, Silverpop and Aspera which validate IBM’s commitment to SoftLayer. 

In the past year, IBM’s cloud division received a boost in business with 6000 new clients moving to SoftLayer. Moreover, 1000 business partners have signed on to offer their services on SoftLayer.

“In its first year, SoftLayer has proven to be a pivotal acquisition for IBM Cloud,” said Erich Clementi, SVP, IBM global technology services, in a press release. “SoftLayer has quickly become the foundation of IBM’s cloud portfolio anchoring our infrastructure, platform and software-as-a-service offerings and transforming the fortunes of many industry companies from Web startups to established enterprises looking for the speed, flexibility and security that hybrid cloud environments provide. Of all the options for public or private clouds in the market, IBM Cloud with all of its resources, assets and expertise is the logical choice for a world where the volume and complexity of data-rich workloads grows exponentially every day.” 

IBM offers more than 300 services within IBM cloud to tackle big data, like conversational interaction with a system that gets smarter as the user utilizes it, running on integrated IBM’s POWER8 processor and IBM Power Systems; third party developers and academics can access the cloud via Watson Developer on SoftLayer.

Clients can transfer unstructured and structured data with security and privacy, regardless of data size or distance. Bare metal servers offer enhanced performance like pay-as-you-go benefits of virtual server consumption for clients.

With IBM Cloud Modular, companies can pick services they want to manage or IBM can manage it for them. Jumpgate from SoftLayer helps companies build their own cloud.

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