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IBM beefs up cloud security

IBM beefs up cloud security 

The new solution protects companies’ online resources, including home pages, e-commerce sites and other web-based cloud services, from web-based distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS attacks work by overloading the bandwidth of a website or cloud application, making its service inoperable and preventing legitimate clients from being able to connect to it. This can result in loss of revenue for organizations, as customers are not able to complete online transactions. The attacks can also be used as a distraction, allowing attackers to breach other systems in the enterprise while IT staff are forced to make risk-based decisions, possibly without seeing the full picture of what is happening.

The new cloud security solution originates from IBM’s partnership with Akamai Technologies, Inc. As part of the partnership, IBM will integrate Akamai’s always-on cloud-based web security solution “Kona Site Defender” with IBM’s Cloud Security Services portfolio. 

“Our clients tell us there is a need to strengthen cloud security,” said Kris Lovejoy, general manager, IBM Security Services. “The partnership with Akamai combines a world-class security team and an intelligent network platform to strengthen cloud security. Together with Akamai, IBM can provide both proactive and reactive DDoS protection from the increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of these attacks.”

IBM and Akamai will also share security intelligence insights, obtained by applying business analytics to security monitoring data. IBM’s X-FORCE research and development will contribute global analytics capabilities and its comprehensive threats and vulnerabilities database. IBM will also contribute its Q1Radar security solution, which gathers information from multiple sources and uses analytics to identify potential threats and breaches.

With this intel, the company hopes to provide clients with managed DDoS protection. The services provided with the solution include developing readiness plans and response protocols, proactively stopping attacks before they affect clients’ networks, monitoring network traffic and DDoS alerts. Services also include trained response experts on standby to assist with containing and recovering from attacks, as well as identifying primary and secondary attacks.

Based on daily monitoring of security for more than 4,000 clients, IBM says it has determined that DDoS attacks are on the rise. Its new solution was designed for organizations that do not have the on-site expertise or the right IT skills and tools required to combat the attacks.


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