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IBM analytics solutions unlock Big Data value

IBM analytics solutions unlock Big Data value 

Big Data is a big deal. Consumers and businesses alike generate enormous amounts of information at a rapid pace. Social media and the evolution of mobile technology have made it easier than ever to create these vast stockpiles of data. And there is no shutting the floodgates. The enterprise must come to terms with Big Data in order to survive and succeed in today’s economy. In a whitepaper available from IBM entitled “Discover Deep Insight with IBM Content Analytics and IBM Netezza,” the company outlines solutions that will allow businesses to master Big Data.

IBM’s Netezza data warehouse appliances are purpose-built to run analytics software at the fastest speed possible. This makes the results of analytics more accessible to those in the organization that need them. The Netezza 1000 architecturally integrates database, server and storage into a single system. It can scale from one terabyte to 1.5 petabytes. The Netezza 1000 also features built-in components and does not require indexing or tuning. When delivered, the data warehouse appliance is ready to go for immediate data loading and query execution. IBM’s Netezza 1000 integrates with all leading ETL, BI and analytic applications. 

IBM Content Analytics is a unified content analytics and search platform. It supports interactive discovery, which enables users to uncover patterns and connections of which they were previously unaware. Content Analytics leverages the natural language processing technology found in the company’s Watson Question and Answer system, so it can understand the meaning and context within information from documents, reports, emails, surveys, CRM applications and more. It merges search and analytics capabilities so users can gain a deeper insight into meaning and context as they expose trends and important patterns. 

The Netezza 1000 and Content Analytics offer a wide variety of industries the opportunity to unlock their data stores and transform information into value. The whitepaper cites use cases taken from the insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and healthcare industries as well as the public sector.

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