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IBM acquires Xtify

IBM acquires Xtify 

Xtify provides chief marketing officers and their organizations with the tools they need to engage mobile consumers and site visitors. Its technology is a combination of digital analytics and mobile capabilities delivered through a cloud computing model. It has a cloud-based campaign management platform that notifies mobile users when new content and promotions are available.   

“The premise is simple: mobile content and promotional offers are far more useful when delivered directly to consumers at the right time. Relevant and actionable offers are key to mobile marketing success,” said Xtify CEO Josh Rochlin. “Xtify’s mobile messaging capability combined with IBM’s analytics and cloud infrastructure will provide marketers with global reach and an arsenal of rich content to influence and inform increasingly mobile consumers.”

The Xtify acquisition also expands IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative. The companies believe that Xtify and IBM will provide marketers with more opportunities to engage clients at any time or place, as well as across multiple digital channels. With Xtify’s technology, companies can send consumers personalized messages and promotions based on their interests and shopping and browsing habits.

“With the increase of mobile devices, organizations across all industries are anxious to develop a mobile approach to engage their customers,” said Kevin Bishop, IBM vice president for digital marketing. “The acquisition of Xtify provides new ways for our clients to foster a direct, one-to-one communication channel with their customers.”

IBM stated in a release that Xtify is one of the most recent investments that IBM plans to run on its SoftLayer cloud infrastructure that’s operated in 140 countries. IBM says that it has invested over $6 billion in cloud-related acquisitions. This includes SoftLayer, which provides a cloud “on-ramp” to help clients quickly deploy mobile capabilities with the security of private clouds and the cost and speed of a public cloud. 

Sephora, Disney Stores, The Tribune Group and 20th Century Fox are some of the clients using Xtify’s push notifications delivered via mobile apps or sites to increase sales opportunities and foster brand loyalty.

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