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Huawei launches its 5G series products to grow multi-antenna technology

Huawei launches its 5G series products to grow multi-antenna technology 

Huawei recently announced the launching of a series of 5G products and solutions at the 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2021) in Barcelona, Spain. These products are geared towards “1+N” 5G target networks.

400 MHz Ultra-Wideband 64T64R Massive MIMO

The brand combined some of the leading technologies and algorithms in ultra-wideband radio and power for the industry’s only Massive MIMO release, which supports both 64T64R and 400 MHz bandwidth. The product is able to support the entire C-band, which allows operators to launch their multi-segment spectrum on just one module and reduces the number of devices. It also balances large bandwidth and very high capacity so that one module can be shared by more than one operator. Users are now able to overcome the insufficient spectrum that may happen in single-operator cases. This also makes user experience better, while minimizing footprint and site power consumption of antenna modules versus with separate deployments. 

Lightest 64T64R Massive MIMO

The light base stations make installation easier, and it also takes up less space to contribute to a lower construction cost. The brand’s 64T64R Massive MIMO product is by far the lightest one produced of its kind with a single module weighing as little as 19 kilograms. With the innovation being done by the brand in Massive MIMO engineering, its new 64T products can be transported and installed by just a single person while at the same time delivering on performance and improving construction efficiency.

BladeAAU Pro: Only 64T A+P Solution

The brand’s BladeAAU allows for the combination of active and passive antennas into one box, making it the preferred choice for single-pole instances. It also remains as the best approach in solving scenarios that involve limited space. This product has made it easier for a lot of operators in Switzerland to gather new sites and be able to quickly deploy 5G networks. Since it is able to support higher mounting height, the product has assisted operators in China to grow its coverage and improve 5G user experience.

With the constant developments being done by Huawei, it has also released its latest BladeAAU Pro — the first 64T capable solution while maintaining a high level of A+P integration. This active module is being improved with over 64 channels and support for a 320 W transmit power and 200 MHz bandwidth. This gives extra flexibility for operators to meet higher capacity demand. Similarly, it is also improved with port specifications which are further upgraded to 2L6H to allow full sub-3GHz coverage.

BladeRRU Pro: Only RF Unit That Supports Three Low and Three Medium Bands

Traditional RF solutions aggravates the insufficient antenna space, allows for very difficult site acquisition, and a higher expense in terms of deployment and maintenance. With the brand’s BladeRRU Pro, three low bands or three medium bands can now be integrated which can reduce the required number of FDD RRUs for full-band coverage by two thirds. This low-frequency integration module was also adopted commercially in a lot of countries. Huawei released a SingleCell software solution for BladeRRU Pro so it can coordinate scheduling between low and medium bands, allowing more resources to serve low-band UEs and cell edges. The commercial use of this solution at multiple sites showed that SingleCell can nearly double the average seen in experience indicators for these UEs.

Commercial FDD Massive MIMO

To assist operators with limited to no TDD bandwidths as well as those who are faced with the pressure to increase capacity, Huawei has recently launched the first commercial FDD Massive MIMO products which puts together innovative Meta-material array design and ultra-miniature passive intermodulation (PIM)-free filter technology. This device is less than 500 mm in width but is very powerful as it carries engineering specifications similar to those of TDD Massive MIMO. In terms of cell capacity, it is five to six times higher than 4T4R while providing similar in-depth coverage performance at that of sub-1 GHz bands.

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei Wireless Product Line, said: “By launching this series, we aim to bring multi-antenna technology to all scenarios and bands. Several products within the solutions are one-of-a-kind and will help operators efficiently deploy 5G networks and provide first-rate experience. Huawei will work with global partners to innovate and share 5G benefits with all.”

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