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Huawei helps MSOs

Huawei helps MSOs 

According to a release from CNW, Huawei advocates a two-pronged strategy for MSOs: provide high-quality multi-screen services to accelerate video business opportunities; and enhance broadband services to ensure a superior user experience.

In the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2015, Huawei unveiled its Hybrid Video Solution and a collection of GigaBand Network solutions spanning Giga Coax, Giga Transmission and Giga Backhaul. As a whole, these solutions will advance MSOs’ services and network capabilities towards full-service operation, but let’s focus on what each actually does individually.

First up, is the Hybrid Video Solution, which certifies teamwork in networks and supplies enriched TV streams by integrating delivery streams.

The Giga Coax Solutions on the other hand, will give MSOs the opportunity to not only build an entirely digital network, but do so with the total cost of ownership down by 30%. The one-step DOCISIS 3.1 deployment realizes effective performance improvement and for enhanced efficiency and agility, it also creates a converged platform for DOCSIS and FTTx.

The Giga Transmission Solutions presents the industry’s first Multi-Service Optical Transport Network based on 100G/400G for hefty capacity and transmission quality. Additionally, their SDN-based optical solutions will grant superior flexibility and efficiency.

Last but not least, is the Giga Backhaul Solutions that will assist MSOs in constructing SDN-based future-proof IP backhaul networks. With an enormous, 100GE storage, the networks support multi-service access and NP-based programmable architecture, ensuring easy deployment and making it a huge stepping stone for business evolution. Its built-in traffic analysis and service quality control functions will take user experiences to a whole new level.

When asked on his thoughts, Ron Pitcock, VP/GM of MSO Group, Huawei USA, said, “MSOs need to evolve quickly to remain competitive and drive revenue growth. To expand their video business, MSOs must respond to users’ increasing demands for enriched original content and multi-screen experiences. The broadband business is key to MSOs’ business growth, however the competition is intensifying as the market becomes saturated and telcos are catching up through fiber to the x (FTTx) and deployment. MSOs also need to continuously improve network performance by leveraging FTTx as well as DOCSIS 3.1.”

Pitcock couldn’t have put it better. After all, where would today’s marketplace or any marketplace be without competition? The answer is nowhere. Competition isn’t simply important; it’s essential for the growth and development of all things. Huawei, as an active innovator for the next-generation access technologies, clearly understands that. That said, just how essential will Huawei’s suite of solutions be to the rise of MSOs? What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.

Source: Huawei

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