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HP Z2 Mini is a really small but powerful workstation

HP Z2 Mini is a really small but powerful workstation 

Building off the success of the HP Z240 SFF, the HP Z2 Mini Workstation is twice as powerful as any commercial mini PC on the market today, according to HP. Right out of the box, the tiny computer has the ability to support six displays. Yet it is only 2.3” high and is 90 per cent smaller than a traditional business-class tower.

The workstation runs Windows 10 Pro or Linux. It comes equipped with next generation Intel Xeon processors, and NVIDIA professional graphics . HP Z Turbo Drive is also available for handling large files. 

To find out more about the HP Z2 Mini Workstation, click on this link.

HP Z2 Mini Workstation w coffee big

HP Z2 Mini Workstation w  displays big

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