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HP upgrades HP-UX, NonStop servers

HP upgrades HP-UX, NonStop servers 

The enhancements apply to the company’s HP-UX environment, the HP CloudSystem Matrix, and HP Integrity NonStop servers.

The HP-UX enhancements enable users to perform upgrades of virtualized applications between HP’s Integrity i2 and i4 servers with zero downtime. Users can also reconfigure virtualized I/O with no downtime.

“We focus on demanding workloads, and what customers expect from these servers is no downtime,” said Jeff Kyle, director, product management, Enterprise Servers, HP. “Our customers use these systems for very long lifecycles, so it’s very common to have multiple generations. With these enhancements, they can migrate a virtual machine from i2 to i4 with zero downtime.”

The enhancements also include doubled virtual machine capacity, with up to 32 processor cores and 256 GB memory, and a reduction in reboot times by up to 50 per cent, thanks to Soft Reboot.

The HP CloudSystem Matrix provides larger private cloud deployments by “provisioning workloads running vPars (v6), or with direct I/O networking.” Additionally, users will be able to pinpoint inefficient server processes due to an increase in data center processing capacity. Inefficient processes can then be eliminated and resources can be redirected to key workloads.

“The big announcement we have for this is lowering the entry cost for deploying that private cloud with CloudSystem Matrix,” said Kyle. “Previously, a customer had to deploy an 8-socket licence with CloudSystem Matrix. We’ve moved it down to a 2-socket licence, which is a 75 per cent reduction in entry cost.”

The company is also releasing HP Integrity NonStop NS2300 and NS2400 servers. They will replace older models — the NS2100 and NS2200 — and although they are designed for use in SMBs, they can also be used in larger enterprises for testing and development purposes. They feature Intel Itanium processor 9500 series and can deliver up to 50 per cent more performance, according to Kyle.

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