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HP unleashes Sharks-based system for SAP HANA

HP unleashes Sharks-based system for SAP HANA 

Today, the company expands on that product line by announcing a Sharks-based converged system specifically designed for SAP HANA.

“From an SAP and a data management perspective, customers are looking to simplify their SAP environments and SAP landscapes, and they’re turning to in-memory computing databases to help support that,” said Frances Guida, manager, HP Converged Systems. “From an infrastructure perspective, organizations are discovering that they’re spending too much time on integrating technology, figuring out exactly the right parts and pulling them together. With this announcement, HP is bridging these two key trends.”

The new product promises twice as much performance as its competitors, along with improved availability, thanks to the inclusion of HP’s Serviceguard. It also provides optimized in-memory computing and designed scalability. From the outset, customers have a number of options to choose from in terms of the size of the appliance, and they can scale up as business demands.

A single system starts at 256 GB of memory, and can accommodate up to 2 TB of data, while a cluster is capable of scaling up to 16 TB of memory.

“There is a range of options customers can choose from in terms of the size of the initial system,” said Guida. “There’s a start slow and grow process here. They can scale up as needed.”

Guida also hinted at “Project Kraken”, a next-generation system that is slated for delivery before the end of the year. Guida could not share many details about the project, but said it will be capable of supporting at least 12 TB of data in a single memory pool.

The ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA will be available from HP and its SAP partners. HP will provide complete support for the solution, from both its own end and that of SAP.

The product will be available starting at $87,787 and will include HP services and support.

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