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HP to launch mobile app service for enterprises

HP to launch mobile app service for enterprises 

Compounding the problem is a lack of control over the devices being brought into the enterprise. Somehow, employers must find a way to enforce security measures without interfering too much with their employees’ personal devices.

The HP Access Catalog, a cloud-based source of mobile content that lets employees download apps instantly and securely, is designed to tackle those challenges and find a middle ground.

“It’s a SaaS-based system that provides a consumer-like experience to the end user, but a managed experience to the enterprise for distributing the enterprise-built or purchased applications out to their employees,” said Tim Rochte, director, product management, Web Services, Software, HP.

The catalog specifically targets unmanaged devices and is an identity-based service, meaning that employees must have the appropriate credentials to log in to the catalog or download apps.

“There’s no access to any content without having an identity of some type,” said Rochte. “The other piece of it has to do with how the apps are distributed out. The apps are signed before they leave the back end, but they’re also ‘edge authorized’…so the apps only go to the authorized users.”

It is up to the employer to decide what apps to make available through the service, but HP noted that both consumer- and enterprise-grade apps can be accessed through the service.

And while HP covers the security of the Access Catalog itself, it is the responsibility of the enterprise to vet the apps it wants to make available to its employees.

It supports both Android and iOS platforms, covering the majority of devices currently on the market, and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

The HP Access Catalog will be available globally in March from both HP and its network of channel partners. Pricing is on a per-device basis at $50 per year, although payments can be made in monthly installments.

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