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HP slims down with new business notebooks

HP slims down with new business notebooks 

Designed with C-level executives in mind, the HP EliteBook Folio 1020 and 1020 Special Edition (SE) weigh in at just 2.68 lbs. The EliteBook 1020s feature 8 GB of memory, and are equipped with Intel’s Core-M 4.5W processor, which boosts both their speed and responsiveness. They are also among the quieter notebooks on the market, due to the elimination of interior fans.

The EliteBook 1020 is scheduled for a January 2015 release, while the 1020 SE will follow in April.

“The EliteBook brand stands for durability and security, as well as manageability,” said John Groden, director of product management for HP business notebooks.

Executives will benefit from using these laptops for their daily work functions, as their batteries provide up to nine hours of usage, making them easier to use while working remotely. The 12.5-inch QHD display and built-in 720p webcam add to the EliteBooks’ mobile capabilities, assisting with meetings and video conference calls.

In addition, the 1020 and 1020 SE include three main features that enable them to be integrated into the workplace atmosphere.

“(They) have enterprise-level docking, making them integrated HP docking solutions,” Groden said. “They have a wide variety of security and manageability features that are built in, utilizing the Intel Core-M processor. Lastly, a business-class device is one that is durable.”

Before they hit the shelves, the EliteBooks are put through a battery of tests at HP’s facilities to ensure their durability.

“With the EliteBook, we do the MIL-STD testing, which is our standard for durability,” said Groden. “The test that I think is most relevant to our customers is the drop test, where the units are dropped from a certain height.”

Another new feature being introduced with this series is the Premium Keyboard. Building on the functionality of the keyboards seen in previous product releases, the Premium Keyboard provides users with increased speed and more consistent key response.

“We’ve had great keyboards on the EliteBooks to date. We’ve tried to build on that success by refining them even further, (focusing) on two primary aspects of the keyboard, the travel and the pressure that’s required,” said Groden. “In looking at the travel and the pressure, we’ve tried to make the customers more accurate and comfortable as they type over long periods of time.”

Previous HP products were often targeted towards specific industries, such as graphic design, film production and oil and gas. That’s not the case with the EliteBooks, explains Groden.

“Rather than taking an industry focus, we’re more focused on the customer segment, which includes executives and mobile pros,” he said. “The EliteBooks are (designed) around the use cases they’re supporting, such as collaboration and productivity while mobile.”

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