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HP releases new thin client solution

HP releases new thin client solution 

“Over the years, thin client performance and capabilities have grown,” said Groudan. However, HP has not successfully appealed to industries that demand high levels of security. The t820 should change that. It offers the Intel Core i5 or Pentium processor, which allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously and view information on more than one monitor. HP has also boosted security by including fiber optic network connection. Groudan noted that while thin clients have traditionally provided a high level of security because users cannot store data on them, the fiber optic network connection enhances protection even further. Its built-in safeguards mean that the t820 will appeal to organizations with high levels of security requirements, such as the American Department of Defense. 

Groudan also pointed out that the t820 gives users the best graphics display available on the thin client market. It has a built-in VGA video port and DisplayPort 1.2. “You can have 3 video streams running at the same time with spreadsheets,” he commented. “And there’s no lagging frames on videos. It has a very fast CPU and an extra graphics card. It can support up to 7 displays,” Groudan added.{mospagebreak}The t820 will support all of the major thin client virtualization providers, including VMware. HP representatives will demonstrate the t820 at VMware’s annual VMworld conference at the end of this month. “Its user group is our target market,” Groudan explained. “We’ll demo it with a VMware backend and protocols.” 

HP’s new thin client will be available worldwide in November of this year. Groudan remarked that models will be sold directly and through resellers. HP will target the financial services industry and organizations with stringent security requirements, as it believes that these types of companies will benefit from the t820’s graphics capabilities and its enhanced abilities to protect data. 

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