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HP releases Fortify v4.0

HP releases Fortify v4.0 

Fortify v4.0 aims to improve scan performance to support faster vulnerability detection and resolution. The solution can analyze multiple software threads in parallel. In addition to its increased speed, Fortify v4.0 reduces false positive results by 20%. This allows organizations to evaluate more software faster, with more reliable responses.

The new version of Fortify also provides improved software security intelligence reports that rank the risks to an organization’s mobile, web, client and server applications. This ranking allows IT administrators to resolve the most pressing issues in a timely fashion. HP also hopes that Fortify v4.0 will offer reduced development time because it enables full application scanning without impacting the development process.

HP customers have flexible deployment options for the newest version of Fortify. The security testing solution can be deployed on-premise or on-demand. Customers can also use the HP Fortify on Demand cloud-based applicationsecurity-as-a-service solution.

“Software security vulnerabilities are becoming more prevalent as the demand to support new technology needs escalates,” said Mike Armistead, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Security Products, Fortify, HP. “A holistic approach to software security is imperative, and with the HP Fortify portfolio, organizations have the ability to assess vulnerabilities across all of their software, assure security flaws are resolved before deployment, and protectapplications from attacks once in production.”

Fortify v4.0 will be available globally in September 2013. 

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