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HP releases data migration tool for EMC customers

HP releases data migration tool for EMC customers 

The company is at EMC World in Las Vegas this week, hoping to convince some EMC customers to make the switch to its 3PAR StoreServ Storage platform using its new 3PAR Online Import support tool.

“Customers tend to migrate grudgingly only when they have to,” said Vish Mulchand, director, Product Management, HP Storage. “But make it easier, and they’ll do it gladly.”

According to HP, the operating system that EMC’s VNX2 uses is not compatible with earlier models of the arrays, meaning that a full data migration is required to upgrade.

This can be problematic, says HP, because it means the customer will have to use additional hardware appliances or resort to migration tools that are a drain on host resources.

Customers can use the import tool to migrate data to any 3PAR StoreServ 7000-series, 10000-series, or all-flash 7450 array.

HP says 3PAR Online Import will greatly reduce the costs associated with data migration, as well as boost agility and increase resource utilization. It also has its benefits for HP partners.

“From a partner perspective, this gives them the opportunity to provide migration services,” said Mulchand. “They can offer their customers alternatives to EMC VNX, and in turn go after a large customer base.”

The 3PAR Online Import software is currently available at no charge for 180 days with version 3.1.2 MU2, and later, of the HP 3PAR OS Suite.

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