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HP Performance Engineering

HP Performance Engineering 

In order to successfully deliver on their apps and services while keeping pace with the market, businesses have gradually turned to Agile, Lean, and DevOps methodologies. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all method to create the perfect app or service. 

For example, DevOps’s is how companies operate critical phases of development, such as quality-testing and production monitoring, in complete isolation. The result? Poor-quality applications that deliver far from enjoyable customer experiences.  

Luckily, HP has announced a fully integrated performance software solution both big and small businesses that is specifically designed to help organizations quickly create, test, and monitor applications to deliver exceptional customer service. 

HP Performance Engineering unites several products from across HP’s Application Delivery Management (ADM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) portfolios. Its purpose is to provide developers and IT professionals with continuous streams of feedback as they test and monitor their software for rapid delivery of high-quality applications as a part of one integrated DevOps process. Depending on their project needs, businesses can drive their DevOps projects from a traditional, public, or private environment, by leveraging HP Performance Engineering as part of a hybrid cloud infrastructure.  

The HP Performance Engineering Solution and its component products include HP StormRunner, HP LoadRunner, HP Performance Center, HP Network Virtualization, HP Service Virtualization, HP AppPulse Active, AppPulse Mobile, and the HP Mobile Center.

HP’s Performance Application Lifecycle (PAL), possesses an integrated methodology designed to break down isolation between the development, quality-assurance, and IT operations teams, and enforce tighter collaboration. These teams are also granted access to HP AppPulse Mobile, an app monitoring tool partnered with HP Mobile Center. The software guarantees increased testing efficiencies, improved performance and greater stability for mobile apps by directly leveraging real-user data into the testing process. 

This also means that app owners and developers can use HP AppPulse Active, a synthetic monitoring tool also integrated with HP Mobile Center, to eradicate performance and availability issues before and after their creations are released into production. 

Another capability, Support for Docker, simplifies the application testing development in a hybrid infrastructure. Additionally, Performance Engineers can utilize Linux-based HP LoadRunner Load Generators, which drives application testing in a fast and inexpensive manner without forfeiting functionality or security. 

Network Virtualization (NV) Freemium delivers a free on-demand service supplying customers with a personalized report analyzing the applications’ performances under varying network conditions. The whole process is done without the need to commit to any physical infrastructure. 

Moreover, NV Freemium provides customized recommendations on how an app can be designed differently to achieve a better performance rating from end users. These insights enable better collaboration between the dev and test teams, resulting in faster and higher-quality production cycles.

“To succeed in the idea economy, businesses need to deliver quality, high performance applications at high velocity,” said Raffi Margalio, the Senior Vice President & General Manager of Application Delivery Management for HP Software. “HP is delivering a breakthrough solution that brings together vital aspects of the DevOps process, enabling developers and IT professionals to work together to rapidly deliver applications that help them gain market share, reduce costs, and positively impact revenue.”

If it delivers on its promises, the HP Performance Engineering Solution might well be a big breakthrough for the IT industry. We will certainly be keeping a close eye on the changes this product might bring.  

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