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HP opens regional delivery centre in Winnipeg

HP opens regional delivery centre in Winnipeg 

The Winnipeg delivery centre joins 11 other RDCs around the world – six in the Americas, three in Europe, and two in Asia Pacific – and will offer clients HP’s Enterprise Application Development, Management, and Integration Services to help them get the most out of their .Net and SAP applications and platforms.

The RDC builds on the Microsoft .Net Centre of Excellence and SAP delivery practice that already exists in Winnipeg. The centre currently serves 22 clients, according to Bruce Pearce, VP and GM, Enterprise Services, Canada, HP, and the company hopes that the new RDC will help them attract more.

“[The Winnipeg RDC] expands us into the global footprint, and helps us to understand what we’re doing across the world and tap into that knowledge base,” said Pearce. “But more specifically, it allows us to look at Winnipeg as a growth area for us to do work in the .Net technology as well as SAP. The RDC in Winnipeg would service Canada, but it would also look for work across the world.”

The Winnipeg RDC will utilize HP’s Industrialized Delivery System (IDS), and will leverage the skills and knowledge of local consultants and other expertise to deliver a better customer experience to Canadian enterprises. The company is looking at doing more application modernization, so that their clients can have more money to spend on functionality as opposed to maintenance.

Pearce believes the Winnipeg RDC will be beneficial to Canadians in the IT industry. It will enable HP to recruit and harness local IT talent. Moreover, the company plans to work with local schools to develop training programs to meet the demand for Microsoft and SAP solutions.

“As we do more SAP work…that will generate more jobs in Canada,” said Pearce. “It’s going to help Manitoba in terms of growth potential and also by attracting more attention to that centre.”

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