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HP launches new application testing solutions for mobility, cloud

HP launches new application testing solutions for mobility, cloud 

“How do you balance the unrelenting pressure for velocity, for releasing applications faster?” said Kelly Emo, director, product marketing, HP Software. “These products will help customers balance that with the need for quality. The instant nature of customer needs is important, but releasing apps before they’re ready can be disastrous. These products will enable customers to go about designing, creating, and marketing their products, with new capabilities to automate wherever possible.”

With HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12, customers can increase cost savings and shrink overhead while reducing business disruptions and remediating system performance issues more rapidly and effectively. The solutions provide a scalable platform for cloud testing, which organizations can customize according to their business needs, and integrates with a number tools, such as Jenkins and Google Analytics.

The company is also announcing new mobile testing solutions, to help its customers manage a technology that, according to Emo, can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

“Mobile is everywhere. It’s across industries; all industries are coming up with mobile engagement models,” said Emo. “It’s hard to find a customer right now that isn’t trying to figure out mobile testing, or how to leverage the cloud. And a constant challenge is trying to figure out how to use these capabilities in their businesses, and how to manage the costs associated with it.”

The new mobile solutions allow customers to run field tests that will ensure that applications built on the HP Anywhere Enterprise Mobility Platform will still work in offline scenarios.  HP Sprinter for Mobile will also enable faster and more efficient manual tests, while enhancements to the Shunra Network Virtualization for HP Software mean that testers can emulate real-world network conditions to ensure the accuracy of test results.

Additionally, HP has updated its Application Lifecycle Management and Quality Center Enterprise solutions. Both products now boast a more intuitive user interface that is accessible across browsers and mobile devices, as well as an authoring feature that is similar to Microsoft Word in user experience, in order to provide testers with an authoring environment that is familiar to them.

The product is now available through HP and its channel partners.

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